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The North Luzon Cordillera is the largest mountain range in the Philippines, rising to nearly 3000 meters. This is our playground: 18,000 square kilometers of rushing white water rivers, rugged trails for trekking and mountain biking, hidden caves, scenic waterfalls, magnificent peaks and mysterious valleys, much of it rarely - if ever - seen by visitors.

The spectacular natural endowments of the Cordillera are matched by its unique and ancient indigenous cultures. The tribes of the region remain unconquered and in full control of their ancestral domain and their cultural traditions. From the world-famous rice terraces to the intricate systems of resource management and conflict resolution that have preserved huge expanses of untouched wilderness, the landscape of the Cordillera stands as a monument to the spirit of its people.

From the popular travel destinations of Baguio, Sagada and Banaue to the farthest trackless and unvisited corners of the mountains, North Luzon Outdoor Center is your partner in unlocking the secrets of this fascinating region. We’ve spent decades exploring these mountains, by raft and kayak, on foot and on mountain bikes, from the deepest caves to the highest peaks. Now our playground can be yours: choose your adventure and let us work with you to build a truly unique travel experience.

Our specialties include:

  • Rafting on the Upper Chico River
  • White water kayaking on the Upper Chico, Talubin, Happao, and other rivers
  • Mountain bike touring, from single day rides to vehicle-supported multiday tours
  • Mountain bike trail riding, from XC to freeride
  • Wilderness trekking and camping
  • Cave exploration
  • Guided travel to remote and seldom-visted areas, with emphasis on indigenous history, arts and crafts, and other unique cultural features of the region.
  • Travel specifically designed for and guided by photographers and videographers

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